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President's greeting

Dr. Nami Gotoh
President, National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB)

It is my pleasure to convey my first greeting at the beginning of the 4th mid-term plan.

The NRIB performs technical tasks related to alcoholic beverages, in order to support the operations of the National Tax Agency. Our goal is to contribute to the appropriate and fair imposition of liquor taxes, sound development of the industry of alcoholic beverages and enhancing public awareness. For this purpose, NRIB conducts advanced analysis and evaluation of alcoholic beverages, fundamental and applied research, as well as supplying appropriate information to the industry and the general public.

Development of advanced analytical methods and ensuring the quality and safety of alcoholic beverages are the most important issues for us, and we need to conduct fundamental research for them.

Sake and other Japanese alcoholic beverages are exported and enjoyed all over the world. To promote the export of Japanese alcoholic beverages, we have conducted research to maintain the quality of sake during long shipping periods, disseminated information to the world, as well as carried out analyses required from foreign governments. We will continue and even enhance these operations.

In addition, characteristic alcoholic beverages are actively created in many regions, and we would collaborate with them and contribute to the establishment of local brands.

To support and promote the technology of our alcoholic beverage industry, we will conduct many operations, e.g., research, training, and quality evaluation, in cooperation with industry and academic societies. Also, we will make the appropriate information on alcoholic beverages easily available to both domestic and overseas professionals and consumers.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

April 1, 2016

National Research Institute of Brewing