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Temporary suspension of providing database service

December 20, 2016

 The following database is temporarily out of service due to system maintenance.
 - Comprehensive Aspergillus oryzae Genome Database
 - Sake Yeast Genome Database

 This maintenance is performed for the further enforcement of information security. It will take quite a long period.
 We will inform you on this site as soon as the maintenance is completed. We apologize for your inconvenience.

 If you wish to search the database, please send an e-mail to the following address. We will send you the result upon your request.

 (for Comprehensive Aspergillus oryzae Genome Database )


 (for Sake Yeast Genome Database)


 (Please replace (at) with @.)

For the sake yeast genome information, it is available at the following website (however, comparing function with the genome data of laboratory yeast is not provided).

DOGAN (provided by National Institute of Technology and Evaluation)

National Research Institute of Brewing