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The Story of Sake

 Sake is a traditional alcohol beverage in Japan. It is made through fermentation, like beer and wine. Sake is made from rice, a staple food in Japan. It is an integral part of the Japanese lifestyle and culture. In recent years, Japanese cuisine is becoming popular internationally. Accordingly, increasing number of people enjoy sake, which goes well with Japanese cuisine, all over the world.
The process and method of making sake are quite a bit more complicated than those for making wine and beer. Nowadays, though, sake production techniques have been largely clarified by science. The traditional skills of masters of sake breweries, called tojis, as well as modern scientific knowledge, have made it possible to produce varieties of high quality sake.

  1. History
  2. How is sake made?
    Kome-koji (Koji made from rice grain)
    Shubo (Seed mash)
    Moromi (the main mash)
    Pressing the mash, pasteurization, bottling
  3. Product information
  4. How to evaluate and enjoy sake
    ・How to evaluate sake
    ・Temperatures for serving sake
    ・Combinations of sake and dishes
    ・Drinking cups

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