Aspergillus luchuensis
Colony on CD plate Colony on CD(NO2) plate
Mycological characters
Color of old slant culture Diameter (mm) of colony at 34 C Reverse side of Colony Sclerotia
Wrinkling Color
Roughness of stalk Length of stalk (mm) Diameter of vesicles (μ) Roughness of conidia Diameter of conidia (μ)
Ratio of biseriate sterigmata (%) Production
Kojic acid Pigments Aflatoxins Amylase
Coloration of hydroquinone Reduction of methylene blue Browning of rice koji Pink color of conida in meidum with
Anisic acid Anisaldehyde
Note NBRC 4116 A. awamori <- GRIF (R. Nakazawa)
A. luchuensis (Yamada et. al, JBB, 112, 233 (2011))
conidia1 conidia2 conidia3
Photographs of conidiophore

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