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    President's greeting

    Outline of NRIB

    Through our research and other operations, we aim to make contributions to the development of both the alcoholic beverage industry and the ability to lead a more comfortable life in Japan in the 21st century.

    Organization of NRIB

    Consisting of 46 persons including 1 President, 1 Vice-President and 44 staff members, plus 2 auditors. They are engaging in business in 7 divisions. (As of Sep. 3, 2018)

    Access to NRIB

    Facility Layout

    History of NRIB

    From the establishment in 1904, we have been pursuing business such as research, lecturing, the dissemination of technology and awards for alcoholic beverages.

    Joint research/Trainee/Joint graduate school program

    We actively conduct joint research and accept trainees. We have two joint graduate school programs in affiliation with Hiroshima University.

    Technical consultation

    We provide technical consultation service. Please contact us for further details.

    Facility tour

    Groups of 10 persons or more can apply for a tour of the alcoholic beverage production experiment building. For an appointment, Please contact us at least one week before a planned visit.

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