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Alcoholic Beverage Q&A

yAlcoholic beverages in generalz

  1. How much alcoholic beverages are produced annually in Japan?
  2. How many alcoholic-beverage-producing sites are there in Japan?
  3. How much alcohol drink is sold annually in Japan?
  4. I would like to make fruit liqueur by soaking fruit in a bottle of liquor. Please tell me what precautions I should take.
  5. Tell us how to store alcoholic beverages.
  6. I found some old alcohol that had been stored away. Should I try it?
  7. What is drunkenness?
  8. Would we get alcohol sickness if we drank different types of alcoholic beverages (such as sake, wine, whiskey, and beer) at the same time?
  9. Do people inherit their alcohol tolerance?
  10. How many calories do alcoholic beverages have?
  11. Are Japanese alcoholic beverages safe?

yInformation about types of alcoholic beveragesz

  1. What is koji?
  2. What is the difference between sake koji and shochu (Japanese distilled liquor) koji?
  3. How many types of yeast are used to make alcohol?
  4. What is Jozo-alcohol?
  5. What is makkolli?

ySeishu (sake)z

  1. How much rice do we need to make 1.8L of sake?
  2. What are the differences between rice for eating and rice for sake?
  3. Can we make sake using rice that was grown in countries outside of Japan?
  4. What is Kimoto (Yamahai) shubo (seed mash)?
  5. What is the purpose to use jozo-alcohol?
  6. What does hi-ire mean?
  7. What is namazake?
  8. What is nigorizake?
  9. How can I understand the terms dry and sweet as applied to sake?
  10. If sake is aged, does it become vinegar?

yShochu (Japanese distilled liquor)z

  1. What kinds of potato are used to make imo-shochu (Japanese distilled liquor made from potato)?
  2. What are the differences between black koji and white koji?
  3. What are vacuum distillation and atmospheric distillation?
  4. When rice and barley are used to make shochu are the grains polished?


  1. What types of grain are used for brewing beer?
  2. What the color of beer comes from?
  3. What are the differences between beer, low-malt beer, and malt-free beer?


  1. What are the differences between table grapes and wine grapes?
  2. What is an antioxidant?
  3. What is the MLF of wine?


  1. What is the difference between malt whiskey and shochu made from barley?


  1. What is clear brandy?

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